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OverDrive: All You Need to Know!: Getting Kindle books through Libby

Process of how to checkout, download, and read e-books in the Overdrive database.

Kindle Troubleshooting

Trouble getting a book from Amazon to your Kindle

If you're having trouble getting a library book from Amazon's website onto your Kindle, we recommend redelivering it to your Kindle from your Amazon account.

Go to Your Content and Devices on Amazon's website, select your book, and click Deliver.

If that doesn't work, we recommend contacting Amazon support.

Getting a Kindle Book in Libby

Reading with Kindle

You can read most borrowed ebooks with Kindle (available in the U.S. only). To send a book to Kindle and read it there:

  1. Go to Shelf > Loans.
  2. Tap Read With...
  3. Tap Kindle.
  4. You'll be taken to Amazon's website to finish getting the book.
    • If you're signed into your Amazon account, verify the "Deliver to:" device and tap Get Library Book.
    • If you're not signed into your Amazon account, tap Get Library Book, and sign in.