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About the Library

Mission & goals

The mission of the Karl E. Mundt Library and Learning Commons is to meet the library and information needs of the students, staff, and faculty of Dakota State University and to support the University's stated mission and goals.

In an information society, information literacy is critical. DSU students should be able to find, evaluate and use information for problem solving and decision making in all aspects of their lives -- at home, in the workplace, and as informed citizens in a democratic society.

Our goal in the library is to provide the instruction and tools students need to be effective information users.

A Learning Commons is defined as a student-centered collaborative learning place. Increasing use of technology as a means of accessing information and the shift towards cooperative learning and group study have brought changes in the way students use academic libraries and library resources.

We are experimenting with new ways to combine information resources, services, technology, and research assistance.

We partner with the Retention Specialist to provide space for tutoring, and we provide art gallery space managed by the College of Arts and Sciences.

Karl E. Mundt Library, Dakota State University, Madison, South Dakota 57042