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OverDrive: All You Need to Know!: Placing a Hold

Process of how to checkout, download, and read e-books in the Overdrive database.

We've all been there - you search for a book that you've been longing to read only to find out that someone has it checked out!

But OverDrive has a FABULOUS hold system! Don't fret!

A Hold: what it looks like

When searching for a book in OverDrive and see that the top banner reads "Wait List" instead of "Available," this means someone has the book checked out.

What's my place in line?


How do I see my place in line for a hold?


After you place a hold, go to Shelf > Holds and click the icon to see your place in line and the number of people waiting.

Placing a hold

When you select a book that is currently checked out, you will come to a page like the one below.

Here, you can see:

1. The number of copies the library has

2. The typical hold time for the title.

**The more popular the title, the longer the holds may be**


You will enter a preferred email address to place the hold, so Overdrive can contact you when the title is available.


The Shelf in OverDrive ( ) allows you to see your current holds. The page looks like this:

Suspending a Hold

Suspending a hold

You can suspend a hold before it's ready for you to borrow.

Suspending a hold lets you move up a title's wait list without the title becoming available for you. If you reach #1 in line, you'll be in the first position to get the book once your suspension ends.

You may want to suspend a hold if you have too little time to read or too many books in progress.

To suspend all your holds:

  1. Go to Shelf > Holds > Actions > Suspend All Holds.
  2. Use the slider to choose how long you'd like to suspend your holds.
    Tip: When you drag the slider to the right edge, tap the underlined 180 days for more options.
  3. Tap Update Holds.