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OverDrive: All You Need to Know!: OverDrive Audiobooks

Process of how to checkout, download, and read e-books in the Overdrive database.

Listening and checking out an Audiobook in OverDrive is SUPER easy!

Marking chapters and taking notes

Adding bookmarks, notes, and highlights in an audiobook

To create a bookmark, tap bookmark icon at the top of the player. If you'd like, you can add a note.


To create a highlight, play the audiobook, then tap and hold bookmark icon for however long you need. Here, you can add a note.


Bookmarks, notes, and highlights are saved in the audiobook under menu > Bookmarks (and reappear there if you borrow the book again).



Playback Speed

Changing playback speed

In an audiobook, tap playspeed icon to choose between play speed options.

Or, drag down on playspeed icon to set a custom speed (from 0.6x-3x).


Setting a sleep timer

Tap sleep timer icon at the top right of the audiobook player to set or stop the sleep timer. By default, the timer is set for 30 minutes.

To change the timer, drag down on sleep timer icon. You can choose between 5-120 minutes or to stop at the end of the chapter.

Libby remembers your sleep timer choice. That way, you can just tap sleep timer icon to set the same timer again.


When you find a Audiobook you like you will come to  page like the one below:



If you want to test the narrorator's voice (highly recommended) click "listen to a sample."


After choosing to borrow the title, select your loan period - between 7 to 21 days

Listen away!

And we have arrived! Time to get some good listening under our belts!

*Notice the "Sample" banner in the left hand corner of the listening sample above is gone! This is the real deal!