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Science & Math Resources Guide

This guide leads to research databases and other sources of information for biology, chemistry, physics and math.

SCTC 303 Biological Instrumentation - ACTIVITY 1

Library Activity 1

Scan Maximum body size ... and Komodo Dragons have a secret ..., and answer the questions about the two articles.  NOTE: Put all answers for activities into a Word document.  


1. For each article, which of the following seems to best describe the purpose of the article – a) to describe original research? Or b) to inform or add to someone’s understanding?

2. How/why would you use each article?


SCTC 303 Biological Instrumentation - ACTIVITY 2


Library Activity 2

Read article: Chasing the Magic Dragon and answer these questions.

1. Who is the most likely audience for this article - Scientists or general public?

2. What are the names of the researchers mentioned in the article?

3. What is the main research question of the researchers in this article?



SCTC 303 Biological Instrumentation - ACTIVITY 3

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