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Science & Math Resources

This guide leads to research databases and other sources of information for biology, chemistry, physics and math.

Find books and videos

The research database described here is designed to find items in libraries such as:  books, edited volumes with chapters by various authors, handbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, videos, etc.

Request Item through Interlibrary Loan

Request "Interlibrary Loan" when you need materials (journal articles, books, etc.) that are not available in the Mundt Library and are not accessible online through the Library Catalog or through Journal Finder.

  • NOTE TO DISTANCE STUDENTS: Distance students may use the Interlibrary Loan forms to request delivery of materials to them -- whether located in the Mundt Library or in another library.

Interlibrary Loan is a service in which libraries borrow from and loan materials to other libraries.

  • You will receive journal articles electronically via email or a weblink.
  • Hardcopy items such as books are mailed to the Mundt Library where they are picked up by Madison campus students or they are mailed to distance students.

Information about Interlibrary Loan may be found on the Interlibrary Loan webpage.  You can also find the Interlibrary Loan webpage by using the "Services" dropdown link on the top of the library homepage.