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ENGL 201

Evaluating & using information.

How to Use This Guide

The subject matter included in this guide is used for face-to-face instruction for English 201 (Comp 2) students with the Reference & Instruction Librarian.

To use this guide on your own, choose your own adventure! Move through the guide in the order of the menu, start with the video tutorials, or visit pages as you need to enhance your research skills. Practicing the methods and strategies as you work through this guide is highly recommended.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of these sessions, you should be able to:

  • Classify articles along a continuum from popular to scholarly
  • Determine best resources to fulfill an information need
  • Understand process by which information is produced following an event and recognize that this process affects the availability of information
  • Recognize the process by which professional literature is produced
  • Assess electronic databases as to whether they contain desired information resources