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LinkedIn Learning: Course videos

Tracking Progress: "Course history" and "Certificates of Completion"

Tracking your progress in LinkedIn Learning


Track your progress through a course by clicking "My Learning" icon


"In Progress" will show the various courses you are in the process of completing.

"Learning History" allows you to see your certificates of completion.


Contents within videos

Contents of the videos:

Each course has a contents column that allows you to keep track of where you are and see what topics are approaching.

Here, you can go forward if you already know the content, or can go backward if you need to better understand the topics discussed in a previous video.


A look inside a LinkedIn Learning course

Features within the Course

Each course has a landing page, like the one below, featuring an achievable certificate, exercise files, a brief overview, and learning objectives.



Exercise Files in LinkedIn Learning

The most exciting thing about LinkedIn Learning videos, are the exercise files that allow you to follow along with the course hosts.

Transcrips within the course

Every video has a transcript that you can utilize if you are in a space where you can't use audio, or if you need to ensure you understand the speaker. 


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