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LinkedIn Learning: LinkedIn Learning - the essentials

Quick intro to LinkedIn Learning


Navigate through the library or directly to LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

Content to get you ahead!
LinkedIn Learning gives you exclusive access to more than 10,000 courses and tutorials in the areas of design, business, and technology.

User-friendly course library
The course library is divided by subject, software, and learning paths, which makes it easy to find courses that interest you.

Personalized recommendations
You will now be able to connect your LinkedIn Learning account to your personal LinkedIn account, and get more personalized course recommendations based on your job and industry.

Display achievements
Connecting your Learning account with your personal LinkedIn account allows you to display the courses that you have completed.

Save courses for later
You can plan your learning by saving individual courses or adding courses to collections on specific topics.

LinkedIn Learning: The Basics

1. There is a menu at the top that says "Browse" click this and a menu like the one to the right will appear.

2. Within LinkedIn Learning, videos are organized in three unique ways:

  1. Subjects - are broad topics covering subjects such as online education, user experience, and photography. Videos and courses within this column will be broad, so you can explore what the subject might contain. For example, the Photography subject gives you videos on: Photoshop, Camera Raw, iPhone, Bridge, and After Effects.
  2. Software - videos in this column are for certain software ex: excel, Photoshop, MySQL, and Python.
  3. Learning Paths - this column features curated courses that help you achieve a goal like, "Become a Python Developer," or "Become a Video Editor." Learning paths offer a certificate when completed, that you can share on your LinkedIn site and put on your resume!