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Faculty/Staff: Tips from the Library

Provides tips about library resources and services for all staff. Also includes library resources for teaching and research such as copyright, selecting a publisher, and textbook alternatives.

Selecting where to publish - evaluating journals

While faculty know the major journals in their disciplines, some help may be needed to evaluate lesser known publications or publications in another discipline. Below are a few of the tools available:

In addition to the tools above, the following may help:

  • "Manuscript Matcher" in EndNote Online

If you use EndNote Online to manage references for your research papers and projects, it includes a tool called "Manuscript Matcher" that will use the title and abstract of your paper to match it to journals that are a best match for publication. It provides a list of 2 to 10 best journals in which to publish content like yours. Select the MATCH tab in EndNote Online. See "Manuscript Matcher" for more information.

  • Journal websites

Reputable journals will describe their review processes on their websites, typically in their “submission guidelines” area. All journal acceptance rates and review procedures are self-reported by the journals, so no journal should be selected for publication without evaluating its articles for scholarly value, etc.