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Faculty/Staff: Tips from the Library

Provides tips about library resources and services for all staff. Also includes library resources for teaching and research such as copyright, selecting a publisher, and textbook alternatives.

LinkedIn Learning: The Basics

1. There is a menu at the top that says "Browse" click this and a menu like the one to the right will appear.

2. Within LinkedIn Learning, videos are organized in three unique ways:

  1. Subjects - are broad topics covering subjects such as online education, user experience, and photography. Videos and courses within this column will be broad, so you can explore what the subject might contain. For example, the Photography subject gives you videos on: Photoshop, Camera Raw, iPhone, Bridge, and After Effects.
  2. Software - videos in this column are for certain software ex: excel, Photoshop, MySQL, and Python.
  3. Learning Paths - this column features curated courses that help you achieve a goal like, "Become a Python Developer," or "Become a Video Editor." Learning paths offer a certificate when completed, that you can share on your LinkedIn site and put on your resume!

Tracking Progress: "Course history" and "Certificates of Completion"

Tracking your progress in LinkedIn Learning


Track your progress through a course by clicking "My Learning" icon


"In Progress" will show the various courses you are in the process of completing.

"Learning History" allows you to see your certificates of completion.


Transcrips within the course

Every video has a transcript that you can utilize if you are in a space where you can't use audio, or if you need to ensure you understand the speaker. 


Sharing collections in LinkedIn Learning

Sharing Collections:

LinkedIn Learning allows you to share Collections with colleagues and friends.

To do this, follow the directions below:

1. Find a collection you would like to share. When you open the collection, the menu below is on the far right side.

2. Click "share" and you will see the options to:

  • share with "all LinkedIn members" - this will allow anyone on LinkedIn to see this collection of content.
  • If you choose to share with members of "Dakota State University", all students at DSU will be able to see this video and content.
  • When you don't want others to see what you are working on, just select "ony visible to you"










3. If you want a link to your collection, copy the code from the "share" window.