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DSU Archives: Digital Library of South Dakota

Digital Library of South Dakota (DLSD)

Homecoming Float in the Parade at General Beadle State College in 1965
Homecoming Float in the Parade at General Beadle State College, 1965

The Digital Library of South Dakota (DLSD) is a collaboration of the libraries of the six Board of Regents colleges and universities as well as partners in the state of South Dakota.

Statement Regarding Offensive Content

The Karl Mundt Archives is a repository of historical materials that some may consider objectionable, offensive, or bigoted. Primary source materials are important resources in the study of culture and society. We take our responsibilities in preserving and cataloging these materials seriously. We provide access to these materials for the purpose of scholarly research and analysis.

The Karl Mundt Archives recognizes that materials exist in the collection that contain offensive language, images, or other forms of objectionable media. These materials are documentary, and were created within the context of their original time-period.

Preserving and providing access to these materials does not endorse any attitudes, behaviors, or prejudices therein. The Karl Mundt Archives is committed to upholding principles of free and open access to unmodified historical information, and endorses a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

DSU Institutional Archives

Class of 1909 at Madison State Normal SchoolClass of 1909 at Madison State Normal School, 1909

DSU Institutional Archives

The DSU Archives collection contains materials relating to the University and its history from 1881 to the present, including photographs, student yearbooks, student newspapers, university catalogs, and records of student clubs, athletics, university presidents, academic and administrative departments, and other constituents of the campus community. The collection documents people, events, publications, buildings, and grounds of Dakota State University, located in Madison, Lake County, South Dakota. Dakota State University was formerly known as Dakota Normal School, 1881-1902; Madison State Normal School, 1902-1921; Eastern State Normal School, 1921-1924; Eastern State Teachers College, 1924-1947; General Beadle State Teachers College, 1947-1964; General Beadle State College, 1964-1969; and Dakota State College, 1969-1989.

Karl E. Mundt Archives

J. Edgar Hoover with Senator Karl E. MundtJ. Edgar Hoover with Senator Karl E. Mundt, 1958

Karl E. Mundt Archives

Karl E. Mundt served the people of South Dakota as a United States congressman for 34 years. The Karl Mundt Archives contains artifacts, documents, speeches, film, tapes, slides, scrapbooks, photographs, books, correspondence, government documents, plaques, certificates, cachets, awards, miscellaneous memorabilia and much more. The collection includes ´Your Washington and You´, a weekly report by Karl E. Mundt to South Dakota on a variety of topics.

Karl E. Mundt Film Collection

"Army -McCarthy hearings" from Senate Caucus room in Washington D.C."Army -McCarthy hearings" from Senate Caucus room in Washington D.C., 1954

Karl E. Mundt Film Collection

The Karl E. Mundt Film Collection is a collection of audio-visual materials produced by Senator Karl E. Mundt during his 36 years in Congress. The bulk of the collection is recordings of his bi-weekly address, “Your Washington And You On The Air”, which began as a television broadcast in the 1960s. The recordings feature discussion between Senator Karl E. Mundt and guests about various topics such as proposed legislation, congressional committees, South Dakota history and economics, and election campaigns. Included in the collection are some documentary films and broadcast news pieces featuring Senator Mundt. The digitization of this collection was funded by a grant from the South Dakota Humanities Council.