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DSU Archives: DSU Fieldhouse


Construction for the Memorial Gymnasium (Fieldhouse/National Guard Armory) was built in conjunction with the National Guard. It was named in honor of those who lost their lives in WW II and was dedicated in 1960.

Construction of the Memorial Gynasium
Construction of the Memorial Gymnasium (Fieldhouse), 1959

Fieldhouse in 2023
The Fieldhouse, 2023

Community Center

In 2000 the Madison Community Center was built as a joint effort between Dakota State University and the Madison Community. The Community Center, or CC as it is commonly called, is a facility providing activities for both young and old. The CC was built north of the main campus attached to the original DSU Fieldhouse.

Madison Community Center, 2005

Trojan Field

Trojan Field was leveled in the spring of 1934. At this time, the field was north of East Hall and East Wing (Kennedy Hall). Flynn Field had been also used at various times. A brand new Trojan Field opened in 1968, and in the summer of 1970, a golf course was built around Trojan Field.

Trojan Field
Trojan Field, 1934

Homecoming at Trojan Field
Homecomng at Trojan Field, 2005