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DSU Archives: Technology Classroom Building

Science Hall/Women's Gym

Built in 1910, the Science Hall building has been through the most changes of any building on campus. Originally, the first floor held a laboratory and classrooms for chemistry, physics and agriculture. The 60x100 ft. granite building also was referred to as the Women's Gym because the second floor held the gymnasium where many social events took place. A balcony was added around the floor in 1923. This increased seating capacity but decreased the length of the playing floor. In 1985, the building would become the Performing Arts Center, where music and theatre classes would be held.

Science Hall/Women's Gym
Science Hall/Women's Gym, 1950

Performing Arts Center

In 1985, after the Dakota State mission change, the building known as the Women’s Gym became the Performing Arts Center. The lower level contained classrooms where music and theatre classes were held. The buildings upper level held stadium seating and a stage where school performances and plays could be held. In 2003 renovation of this building began again.  The building would now be known as the Technology Classroom Building.

Performing Arts Center Gym

 Performing Arts Center Gym
Gym Floor in the Performing Arts Center, 1952

Technology Classroom

Technology Classroom Building Interior
Inside the Technology Classroom Building, 2014

In the summer of 2002, significant remodeling and renovation of the building  began. In the fall semester of 2003, renovation was completed, and the building is now known as the Technology Classroom Building. The layout of the building became very different than when the music and theatre departments used the building. With the exception of a few structural walls, the building is completely new.

The first floor now holds two DDN rooms, a network security lab, offices for Distance Education and faculty, a mini kitchen, and staff offices. On the second floor there are offices, a computer lab, a music production studio and a stadium seating lecture hall. On the third floor, the balcony still exists from the times of the old women’s gym. Here one can find workspaces and offices of faculty and students.