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College Meeting: Education

Beadle Scholar

College of Education

Since request for CVs, 8 items were added.

9 faculty items from College of Education in Beadle Scholar

5 downloads since beginning of year

Course Materials

College of Education

124 total sections offered in Fall 2023 excluding labs and dissertations

119 sections had syllabi available for review

38 sections had no required course materials

0 sections provided access to free course materials

For 0 of these sections free access was provided by the library

38 total sections with $0 textbook cost - 31.9% of sections reviewed


2 sections require students to purchase a text that the library currently has access to - there are 29 students in these sections

Using the library provided materials would have saved students approximately $1698

17 additional sections have texts that the library could provide unlimited access - there are 300 students in these sections

It would cost $1535.77 for the library to purchase the additional texts

This would have saved students approximately $10297

Resource Request

Requests made in Spring 2023.

Rubric developed in Fall 2023.

Requests reviewed in Spring 2024.

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