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BADM 370

This guide is intended to help you successfully complete marketing research projects in BADM 370, BADM 476 and other courses by providing specific paths to the kinds of information you will need to complete course assignments.

Introduction to Marketing Research

This guide will assist you complete the marketing research project.

  • It will help you:
    • Access important information you will need for the project 
    • Make your searches and research more effective and efficient.

The guide will lead you to primary and secondary sources in marketing research, helping you to create credible assignments and introducing you to valuable resources that you can utilize in other courses.

The tabs in the menu on the left will assist with various parts of your marketing research.

Quick Tip

The quality of your completed projects will depend on the quality of the information you use.

The sources in this guide are recommended for you to use.
You are welcome to find additional sources, but be careful to thoroughly evaluate them.

Example: A company's website can provide valuable information, but one can assume that the information presented on the website is biased in favor of the company.

Therefore, the company website cannot be the only source for company information - you will need information from an external resource like MarketLine or Business Source Premier.

Evaluating Information

When evaluating information, it is very important to pay attention four things:

  1. WHO is the author of the information presented? Is the author an expert?
  2. WHEN was the resource written? It can be easy to use an outdated resource, so be sure to check the publish date!
  3. Is the information BIASED? Be sure to observe if there is one dominant perspective and check to see if this perspective is pervasive in their other work.
  4. Is the information ACCURATE? Do you see spelling errors or claims that make you stop and say, "...wait, WHAT?!"

Save time - don't procrastinate.

  • Finding resources and completing these various tasks take time.
  • Do a little at a time to ensure you absorb the most information! 
  • Give yourself plenty of time for research and for blocks you might face in the research process.


If you have questions or need research assistance, ask a librarian.