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Step-by-Step Instructions

EndNote is available for you to use in a web browser and as a desktop application. Your citations are synced between the EndNote Desktop and EndNote Online applications so you can use EndNote across devices.

These instructions are intended for first time users of EndNote. If you want to upgrade from an earlier version, see Upgrade Information & Instructions before downloading. 

Step 1: Create an EndNote account. 

Whether you decide to use EndNote Desktop or EndNote Online, start with creating an account.

  1. Go to Create Account for EndNote Online.
  2. Use the link to Register and create your personal account. (We recommend using your DSU email so other students and faculty can share references with you.)
  3. Remember your password.
  4. If you plan to use EndNote Online exclusively, you're all set! Use your new credentials to login at
  5. Visit EndNote Training (Video Tutorials) to learn how to add references to EndNote.
  6. If you plan to use EndNote Desktop, continue with the steps below.

Step 2: Download EndNote Desktop.

Follow these steps to download the current version of EndNote:

  1. Go to this site to find the download files for the current version of EndNote: EndNote
  2. Sign in using your DSU credentials.
  3. Open the appropriate folder for either Windows or Mac download.
  4. For Windows, download and save both files in the same place on your computer.
  5. If you are unable to download, please report the problem to DSU Librarians.

Step 3: Install EndNote Desktop.

  1. Locate your downloaded file(s) and run the msi file named "EN21Inst".
  2. Close all other programs and windows including including Outlook and Word.
  3. Follow the installation prompts to install the application.
  4. When prompted, choose to create a new library.
    (A video demonstrating this process can be found here: EndNote library creation)

Step 4: Connect your EndNote Desktop application to your EndNote Online account.

  1. Open the EndNote Desktop application.
  2. Choose Library from the menu at the top.
  3. Click "Sync."
  4. Login using the EndNote credentials you created in Step 1.2. 
  5. Visit EndNote Training (Video Tutorials) to learn how to add references to EndNote.