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Resources related to the concept of privacy from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Finding books

Books related to privacy can be found in both print and e-book version. Below are the databases which can be used to find books.


Books from held by the Mundt Library

Technology and privacy : the new landscape ebook 1997
History of Private Life: Vols. 1-5 (1997-1994) print 1997
Laws of image : privacy and publicity in America ebook 2015
It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens (2014)


The Poverty of Privacy Rights (2017) ebook 2017
Hate Crimes in Cyberspace (2014)


Privacy on the Line: The Politics of Wiretapping and Encryption ebook 2010
Privacy on the Line: The Politics of Wiretapping and Encryption ebook c1998
Database nation : the death of privacy in the 21st century print c2000
Snoop what your stuff says about you ebook c2008
No place to hide : Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. surveillance state print 2014
Exposed : desire and disobedience in the digital age ebook 2015
The practical guide to HIPAA privacy and security compliance ebook 2015
Lol-- omg! : what every student needs to know about online reputation management, digital citizenship, and cyberbullying print 2011
The eternal criminal record ebook 2015
Lessons from the identity trail : anonymity, privacy, and identity in a networked society ebook c2009
The Facebook effect : the inside story of the company that is connecting the world print 2011
Surveillance or security? the risks posed by new wiretapping technologies ebook c2010
Cybertraps for the young print c2011
The naked employee how technology is compromising workplace privacy ebook c2003
Genetic privacy a challenge to medico-legal norms ebook 2002
Privacy and the past : research, law, archives, ethics ebook 2016
Harboring data information security, law, and the corporation ebook 2009
Privacy rights : moral and legal foundations ebook c2010
Islands of privacy selective concealment and disclosure in everyday life ebook 2010
Privacy in context technology, policy, and the integrity of social life ebook c2010
Born digital : understanding the first generation of digital natives print c2008
The filter bubble : what the Internet is hiding from you print 2011
The black box society : the secret algorithms that control money and information print
Privacy and the press: the law, the mass media, and the First amendment print 1972
Terror in the balance security, liberty, and the courts ebook 2007
Not a suicide pact the constitution in a time of national emergency ebook 2006
Legislating Privacy Technology, Social Values, and Public Policy ebook 1995
Intellectual privacy : rethinking civil liberties in the digital age print 2015
So you've been publicly shamed print 2015
The watchman in pieces surveillance, literature, and liberal personhood ebook 2013
They know everything about you : how data-collecting corporations and snooping government agencies are destroying democracy print 2015
Beyond fear thinking sensibly about security in an uncertain world ebook 2003
Data and Goliath : the hidden battles to collect your data and control your world print 2015
The rise of the right to know : politics and the culture of transparency, 1945-1975 ebook 2015
Inalienable rights more essential than ever : the fourth amendment in the twenty first century ebook 2012
Unauthorized access : the crisis in online privacy and security ebook 2014
Privacy at risk the new government surveillance and the Fourth Amendment ebook c2007
The future of reputation : gossip, rumor, and privacy on the Internet ebook c2008
Nothing to hide the false tradeoff between privacy and security ebook c2011
Skating on stilts why we aren't stopping tomorrow's terrorism ebook c2010
Googlization of Everything (And Why We Should Worry)



Privacy Engineer's Manifesto ebook 2014