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CSC 803: Introduction

This guide provides students in CSC 803 with access to library content needed in each week of the course.


Welcome! CSC803 Students

This guide provides activities, text, and video that will help you become a more effective researcher.

  • The guide is organized sequentially, with the intention that you do the modules in the order presented, one module per week.
  • The practice activities are intended to develop knowledge and skills you will need throughout your doctoral program. Please don't shortchange yourself by skipping the activities.

Goal of the modules:

  • By the end of the series, you will be able to to find, evaluate, and use information -- efficiently, effectively, and ethically -- to create a high quality literature review for your research.

You will learn how to:

  • navigate the library website to find the research tools and services needed for research competence
  • use Endnote software to manage and keep track of the articles and other materials for your research
  • get the full text of journal articles, conference proceedings, and other resources when all you have is a citation and abstract
  • evaluate information to select the best sources for use
  • select research databases and optimize results
  • read scholarly articles efficiently/effectively
  • use information ethically to avoid ruining your professional reputation
  • protect human subjects if your research involves human participants
  • select a publisher and preserve your author rights

The fun begins!

To get started: use the tabs at the top of this page to go to Module 1.


If you have questions, contact Mary Francis.

Find the Library online

Where is the Library website? 

The Library website resides outside of the DSU Portal. Find the Library:

  • in the DSU Portal (in, it's in the Quick Links and under the "Student Resources" tab
  • in the DSU public website (at, there is a link in the page footer
  • with its URL: