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INFS 614

This guide provides students in INFS 614 with material for mastering the use of library resources.

Meet the Librarian

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Mary Francis

Session 1

1. Welcome

2. Introduction

  • Video intro
  • My website for some additional details about me.

3. Goals of library instruction

  • Research, a word with two focuses in this course.
  • Students should gain insight into the theory behind information sources.
  • Students will develop applied skills in finding resources.
  • Understand different types of information resources in order to successfully find and utilize sources when conducting research.

4. Library homepage

5. Periodicals

6. Finding journal articles

7. Databases

8. Citation managers

  • Endnote - Series of video tutorials on how to use EndNote version 20.
  • Zotero - Directions from Zotero on how to install and use the application.

Session 2

1. Welcome

2. Ethical Use of Info

3. Evaluation

4. Reading


Session 3

1. Welcome

2. How to read a scholarly article

3. Using citations

Session 6

1. Welcome

2. Research communication