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Graduate Research: Guide to the Literature Review

This guide is intended to introduce basic concepts related to preparing a literature review in the fields of information systems, information security, and computer science. Research requires time, patience, creativity, and problem-solving.

Introduction to this Guide

To do a literature review, you will need to understand:

i. What a literature review is and why it's needed: 

"Literature review" defined  

ii. How information is produced, packaged and communicated: 

Research communication: Graphic

iii. Research process steps and finding specific kinds of information:

Literature review steps  

See also: Evaluating Information, Search Techniques, Citing Styles

iv. Copyright, citing sources, and plagiarism: 

Ethical use of information

v. What research databases to use for searching the professional literature

       Research Databases: Information Systems, Information Assurance, and Computer Science Resources

vi. How to locate the full text of articles when you have only a citation or only a citation and abstract: 

Get full text

vii.  How to read a scholarly article

viii. Publishing issues for authors

        Author rights
        Selecting a publisher


Unless you have been assigned specific tabs for a course, begin with the tab: "Literature review" defined, and proceed through the modules in the order listed above.

  • Advice for the the budding researcher: 30 tips for successful academic research and writing.  Written by social scientist D. Lupton, this advice applies to many disciplines. Sections include planning your research schedule, making a start, getting the most out of your writing, and connect for inspiration.