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Interlibrary Loan

Request Interlibrary Loan when you need materials that are not available in the Mundt Library and are not accessible online. Interlibrary Loan is a process in which the Mundt Library borrows or obtains a copy of an item you need from another library. This

Turnaround time

It is impossible for library staff to guarantee when items will be delivered!

  • All requests are sent out within one workday (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays).
  • The time it takes for an item to arrive depends on
    • the loaning library (item availability; speed of response) and delivery method (electronic, postal mail, courier).  These are not in the control of the Mundt Library
    • any difficulty in finding a library willing to lend.  If one library turns down the request, it moves on to another library. Each additional library to which the request is passed will add time to the process.
  • Books may be received as quickly as 3 days but are likely to take 7-14 days. Hard to obtain items can take longer.
  • Articles may be received within 24 hours if the loaning library responds immediately and delivers electronically. But articles, too, are likely to take a week for delivery. Hard-to-obtain items can take longer.

The library may not be able to find a library willing to loan the item. For example, rare items, items owned by very few libraries, items in special collections and archives, and some media types may be impossible to get via loan. Library staff will work with you to find alternative sources or to find contact information for arranging visits to use collections at other libraries.