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Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

How to find a resource

Journal Finder will let you search all the library's database to see if we have the full text of a publication (note this is a search for a publication not a single article).

Google Scholar will search to find freely available articles.

Interlibrary Loan allows you to request an article, book, etc from another library if you cannot find it.

Practice articles

How would you get access to these articles?

Coulter, B. J. (1986). The Canadian Press and the Problem of Responsible Journalism: An Olympic Case Study. Journal of Sport & Social Issues, 10(2), 27–48.

Crossman, J., & Lappage, R. (1992). Canadian Athletes’ Perceptions of the 1980 Olympic Boycott. Sociology of Sport Journal, 9(4), 354–371.

Moretti, A. (2013). The interference of politics in the olympic games, and how the U.S. media contribute to it. Global Media Journal, 6(2), 5-18.