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Academic Publishing

What Are Predatory Publishers?

  • "Predatory publishing, sometimes called write-only publishing or deceptive publishing, is an exploitive academic publishing business model that involves charging publication fees to authors without checking articles for quality and legitimacy and without providing the other editorial and publishing services that legitimate academic journals provide, whether open access or not." - Wikipedia
  • “Predatory journals and publishers are entities that prioritize self-interest at the expense of scholarship and are characterized by false or misleading information, deviation from best editorial and publication practices, a lack of transparency, and/or the use of aggressive and indiscriminate solicitation practices.” - Group definition provided in Nature

Problems with Predatory Publishers

Charges for services it does not provide.

Little or no peer / quality review.

Quick publishing time.

Can tarnish reputation.

Spotting Predatory Publishers

A listing of possible predatory publishers and individual journal titles. The site is an archived list of periodicals put together by Jeffery Beall.

A site with a checklist meant to help researchers find quality outlets for their research.

Additional details on predatory publishers and a list of items to consider.