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Business Source Premier Tips: Home

This is a collection of tips for finding specific kinds of information in Business Source Premier

Find company profile, history, CEO, brands/products using BUSINESS SOURCE PREMIER

Company profiles include

If you want a good overview of a company, find the company profile!

⇒What is a company profile? It's is a report that compiles important pieces of information about a company. These profiles often include:

  • company history

  • a list of top officers ex: CEO and CFO

  • brands or product lists

  • market analysis

  • SWOT analysis.



  • Public companies are easier to research than private companies. Try to choose use a public company, in your project!


If you DO choose to use a private company, try these strategies:

  • Do some simple, broad searches in Wikipedia to get some general information about your private company.
  • Once you have some names of private companies come back to the databases and search. 

Step-by-step instructions for Business Source Premier


1. Link to Business Source Premier (database) Lock symbol indicates that Library ID and password must be used to login when off the Madison campus.

2.  Click on "Company Profiles" at top of search page in Business Source Premier.













3. Then search for the company name in the "Browse" search box.

4. Find and select the company you are searching form and click on its "MarketLine Report" - this will give you the company profile you are looking for!




Find recent news about a company using Business Source Premier

Finding News Business Source Premier

1. At top of search page, click on "Company Profiles" and search for the companies.

2. Find your company and click the company name.

3. On the left side of the page, find "Related Information" (see image)

Here you can see what has been written about the company in:

►Academic Journals (peer-reviewed)


►News Papers

You can also find reports on the company and its products:


► Analysis Industry Profiles

►Market Research