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This Month @ The Mundt: January

A guide to keep track of events happening at the library.


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Current Month

- January is National Braille Literacy Month -

Take a moment this month to learn about the world of the blind and visually impaired - study Braille! The official Braille language was devised in the early 1800s by French educator Louis Braille. Read more about the history of Braille here


- January is National Book Blitz Month -

Book Blitz was originally created for authors as a time to celebrate their publications. Now Book Blitz month is a celebration of reading and authors overall! Are you an author? Do you know an author? Have a favorite author? Maybe celebrate this month by promoting your own work or reaching out to thank an author for theirs! 


- January Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr -

January 15th is Marth Luther King Jr. Day! Take this month to learn about one of America's greatest civil rights activists. 


Reading Suggestions