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Respiratory Care Research Guide

Use this guide to find peer-reviewed articles on health and medicine.


This guide is focused primarily on finding peer-reviewed journal articles and ignores most other sources of health and medical information. It answers the questions:

  • How do I find relevant journal articles? The guide provides a list of research databases that are recommended for finding peer-reviewed journal articles about medical topics. Use the tab above labeled "Find Journal Articles."

[To effectively use research databases, you will need to know some basic search techniques. To review database search techniques, use the tab above labeled "Search Techniques for Research Databases."]

  • Where is the full article? If you found only a citation and abstract (summary) for for article, learn how to get to the full article online. Use the tab above labeled "Locate Full Article."
  • What if I can't find the full article online anywhere? If you can't find the full article online, the Library provides a free service called "Interlibrary loan" in which we get a copy of the article for you and transmit it to you electronically. More information about this service is provided in the guide. Use the tab above labeled "Locate Full Article."
  • How do I find high quality medical information written for consumers (that is, for the general public)? The internet is filled with health and medical advice, much of which is unreliable, so this section gives advice for finding credible consumer articles.  Use the tabs above labeled "Evaluate Medical Information" and "Find Consumer Health Articles."

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