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CMST Communication

Activity 1.


   To help your classmates by introducing them to a useful resource! You are not being graded. RELAX and enjoy this activity. 

ACTIVITY.   Your group will:

  • be assigned a resource 
  • search for either “national parks” or skin disease in the resource
  • demonstrate the resource to the class 
  • have 15 minutes to prepare 
  • have 5 minutes to demonstrate: show a search and an example of the kind of material found.
  • answer these questions during the demonstration:
    1. How would this resource be helpful/useful for speech assignments? For your next speech assignment?
    2. What special features of the research database or its content might be most useful?
    3. Which kinds of material does a search of this research database produce? Books, magazine articles, encyclopedia articles, statistical sources, dictionary, other… ?
  • RELAX! Enjoy showing your classmates a resource that you know about and they don’t. 


Karl E. Mundt Library, Dakota State University, Madison, South Dakota 57042