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Respiratory Care Research Guide

Use this guide to find peer-reviewed articles on health and medicine.

GS 100 Activity - Word doc

Download activity as a Word doc:

Rapid City - Resp. Care - Practice

Practice Activity 1: Search  PubMed.


Imagine that you are looking for peer-reviewed articles about mold as a trigger for asthma. 

a. How would you enter this search in PubMed?  (show how you would enter the words in the Pubmed search box)


b. Do the search in PubMed.  

  • How many items did your search produce?


c. Select an article that is not available full text in PubMed.  

  • What is the full title of the journal in which it is published?


d. Use Journal Finder to find out if you can access the article through one of the Mundt Library's other research databases.  

  • For what years is it available?  
  • Where is the journal available? (in which online databases? in print in the library? through interlibrary loan?)


e. Use Journal Finder to determine if the Mundt Library has current articles in the Journal of Breath Research.

  • Which database contains this journal? and for which years?

Karl E. Mundt Library, Dakota State University, Madison, South Dakota 57042