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English 101

Battle Assignment

This guide is to help you find sources for your Battle paper with Dr. Blessinger. It contains suggestions for places to find sources, some suggested sources, and ways to search within the databases. For more individual assistance, feel free to ask.

Searching for Books

In finding information on your battle, one place to look is the Library Catalog. It searches all of the books we hold at the library as well as e-books. You can start by typing the name of your battle into the search box. If nothing comes back, do not be surprised. Your battles are often smaller parts of a larger war. Try searching for the larger war.

For ancient battles, you may try using the search terms such as greek AND battle or greek AND military.

A book in the library that may assist you is Dictionary of battles. Rev. and updated by George Bruce. It is locatedin the Main Collection at D25.A2 H2 1971.

The box below offers a direct search of the library catalog. You may use it to try the suggested searches.

Searching for Reference Sources

There are a variety of reference sources (subject encyclopedias and dictionaries) that may help you find information on your battle. Two electronic databases that contain full text reference materials include:

Searching for Journal / Magazine Articles

There are several databases that may contain articles from journals and magazines on your battles. These include:

Karl E. Mundt Library, Dakota State University, Madison, South Dakota 57042