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LinkedIn Learning: Using LinkedIn Learning

Access Instructions for LyndaCampus



LinkedIn Learning is the new Lynda! 

When accessing, you come to the page below: 

Click "Get Started" to login! 


Playlists: Creating and sharing playlists


Create a "playlist" of tutorials that you plan to complete, or create a playlist to recommend to (share) with others.

1. Faculty can develop customized learning paths for their students by creating a "playlist" of videos and then can share course playlists with them in an email, as a link in D2L, or on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. 

2. Students, faculty, and staff can create playlists for their own use.

3. Create and share playlists:

  • Go to the Profile dropdown near the top of the LyndaCampus window to select "My playlist." 
  • SPECIAL NOTE:  To allow OFF-CAMPUS access to a playlist, you MUST add this url to the front of the playlist's URL (with no spaces):    

For example:

4. More about Playlists 

You can now:

  • Create playlists using entire courses
  • Use individual videos or chapters from multiple courses
  • Remove videos and chapters from a course to shorten the
  • playlist or focus its content.

Your users can:

  • Watch a playlist from start to finish at one webpage
  • Start or resume watching a playlist with one click
  • Access playlists of courses, chapters, and videos using our mobile apps.

PLAYLIST CENTER has created a Playlist Center, which is a collection of course playlists curated by subject matter experts. These playlists are designed to help you get started—and stay focused—as you work to achieve your goals.
The center has playlists for all subject areas. 

To make a selection,

  • login to LyndaCampus
  • Find "My Courses" where you select "Playlists"
  • Find the link to "go to Playlist Center"
  • In the Playlists Center, click the All playlists dropdown menu.
  • You can sort playlists by Skill level and Last updated.


For a tutorial and help in using LyndaCampus, use the "support" link at the bottom of the of the LyndaCampus screen.

Tracking Progress: "Course history" and "Certificates of Completion"


1. Track your progress through the chapters of a tutorial with the "course history" feature. You can take a screenshot of it to show your professor your progress.

  • Go to the Profile dropdown menu at the top of the LyndaCampus screen and select "history." 


2. Get a Certificate of Completion online from LyndaCampus when an entire tutorial is completed. You can take a screenshot or print your Certificate to show your professor that you've completed a tutorial.

  • Go to the Profile dropdown menu at the top of the LyndaCampus screen and select "certificates."

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